Predicting Real Estate Prices

  • id — unique identified for a house
  • dateDate — house was sold
  • pricePrice — is prediction target
  • bedroomsNumber — of Bedrooms/House
  • bathroomsNumber — of bathrooms/bedrooms
  • sqft_livingsquare — footage of the home
  • sqft_lotsquare — footage of the lot
  • floorsTotal — floors (levels) in house
  • waterfront — House which has a view to a waterfront
  • view — Has been viewed
  • condition — How good the condition is ( Overall )
  • grade — overall grade given to the housing unit, based on King County grading system
  • sqft_above — square footage of house apart from basement
  • sqft_basement — square footage of the basement
  • yr_built — Built Year
  • yr_renovated — Year when house was renovated
  • zipcode — zip
  • lat — Latitude coordinate
  • long — Longitude coordinate
  • sqft_living15 — The square footage of interior housing living space for the nearest 15 neighbors
  • sqft_lot15 — The square footage of the land lots of the nearest 15 neighbors




Question 1: Does renovation have a noticeable effect on price?

Question 2: Is there a difference in price between a house built in a given time period versus a house renovated in that same time period?

Question 3: Is there a difference in price based on geographical location in King’s County?

Heat map of the houses using latitude and longitude of the data in terms of price




Closing Remarks




Data Scientist | Health Enthusiast | Learner

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John Kundycki

John Kundycki

Data Scientist | Health Enthusiast | Learner

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